Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Playing Pranks

I didn't have a whole lot to do tonight. I was at The Pole for quite a long time. Serious problems with some visiting elves staying in Switzerland this year. Big trouble. Seems they got into some mischief that was a little rowdy and broke a very lovely glass statue that belonged to their Holiday Mom. She was not pleased with the elves and demanded they return to The Pole. Of course this upset the elves and naturally The Jolly Guy was displeased. He called me back to The Pole to deal with the "situation" since they were elves that I had trained. I smoothed things over and everything is in place now for the elves to return to their visiting home in Switzerland and everything will be alright. That was a close call.

Once I returned to Ohio, it was late and my friends were all too tired to play. So, I decided to just play my own practical joke on C & T. I'm pretty sure they will notice what I've done first thing in the morning. When they're trying to get dressed for school and they realized they have the wrong clothes in their closets. Hee Hee!! It will be so funny!

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