Sunday, October 9, 2011

October is Here

Well, October is finally here and I'm getting very excited about Halloween coming soon! I have not a clue what I'm going to dress up as, but several elves have begun making their costumes already. Training of this year's new recruits has been going very well. I think this may be the best bunch of visiting elves we've turned out yet! Of course we have a few elves who went visiting last year and have had to go back through training this year. But, I think they're all doing splendid. I haven't heard from the Jolly Guy where I'll be headed this holiday season but I'm pretty sure I'll be visiting my favorite holiday family in Ohio! I was discussing with Santa this evening placement for the some of the new recruits and I began feeling a little sad and lonely for my holiday family. So, I was granted a special visit to my holiday family's home to check in on them. It was so great and I was very thankful to the Jolly Guy for letting me visit in the off season. The two boys of the house looked great! They seem to have grown quite a bit since last year. I saw that they still have a cat & dog. I think Melanie (the cat) forgot who I was since she hissed at me when she first saw me in the house. But then I pet the top of her head right between her ears and she was fine. Cooper (the dog) remembered me right away! He licked my face and I nearly fell backwards! I think my holiday family is remodeling their house! There are no doors on any of the cabinets! I hope they put the doors back on... It looks a little silly and messy without them. I gave both the boys a kiss on their cheeks and checked in on holiday mom & dad before returning home to the Pole. It was so great to be back there even for a couple of hours! I can't wait until my visit this year!