Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Love My Holiday Family

Well, I've been back in Ohio visiting my Holiday Family for the Christmas season and I've been having so much fun! It's been a very busy time for me though. I've been traveling back and forth between Ohio and The Pole EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. You see, a terrible flu has been going around the Toy Department for the last month (the very busiest time of the year for the Toy Department) and they have been very short-handed. Even my Dad was sick in bed for over a week! So, The Jolly Guy asked for all elves who are feeling well enough to help out... even those on special assignment like me. I'll do anything to help out and make sure all the boys and girls get something from their Christmas wish list. Speaking of Christmas wish lists, I would like to thank "C" for getting his letter written so I could get it to The Pole in plenty of time. And thank you to "T" for getting his letter done as well. I was beginning to get worried that "T's" letter wouldn't get to The Pole in time!

So, what have I been up to during my visit? Oh, LOTS! I have zip-lined through the house, eaten some very delicious pie and candy, raced around the house riding on the back of my pal Rudy, left some fun new wooden toys for "C" and "T", played tic-tac-toe on the mirror, used a Frisbee to sled down the stairs, decorated the Christmas tree with streamers, watched "C" play his viola in the Christmas concert (He was amazing), watched "T" perform in his Christmas concert (Way to go "T"... I loved all your dancing), and I even tried to go to school with "T" one morning! So, as you can see... I've been having a blast! Tonight, I'm going to have a fiesta... then a siesta! I love visiting my Holiday Family!

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