Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Well, that's it... another Christmas is already here and I'm already back at The Pole with the Jolly Guy. He came to pick me up and I was really sad to go. I went in and gave "C" and "T" and Holiday Mom & Dad a goodbye kiss, gave Cooper a good scratch behind his ears and gave Melanie a "meow" goodbye as well. I sure will miss them all so much. I left a family gift behind for them to open on Christmas Morning and I also left "C" and "T" some ornaments. This year in Ohio sure was a lot of fun. Of course, Rudy stays behind to keep a year-round eye on things and I'll drop in from time to time.

Keep up with your school work boys. Remember, good grades are important. Be good for your Mom & Dad... they sure love you both a lot. Be kind to one another... always. And remember to always be there for one another. I love you all very much and thank you for letting me come visit again this year. I hope you will let me come back next year. Have a holly, jolly Christmas (it really IS the best time of the year). Hugs, Kisses, and love to you all.

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